Milk Maid Triple Harem ARM-005

Milk Maid Triple Harem ARM-005

It is the best of two worlds, milk producing women feeding men with breast milk and working their cock at the same time. Paradise, if you ask me. Harem says the producers of this movie. They take us a place where the women’s breast are full of milk which they have no hesitation feeding the men with. It turns out too that these women like to work cocks. So you will see them jerking, and sucking cocks (and occasionally fucking one), and also squeeing fresh breast milk into the mouths of these men. Very erotic production. Kurahashi Mai and Sakamoto Mami are some of the stars you will see in the movie.
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Lactating women feeding guys their milk, sucking their cocks and fucking them.
For just a moment, say the word with me. “Porn.” It doesn’t sound like the vulgar object of scorn and criticism it’s been for the last five decades. No, it sounds more like the name of a flower, or a type of harmless woodland creature. “Look honey, a nest of porn. They seem so peaceful and sweet. Do you think they’ll bite if I offer them food? Let’s see.”
As I type this, my television displays an image of a boy and girl in bed, fucking each other stupid. The girl is on her back with her head propped up by pillows, while the boy (ahem, old dude with hair plugs) impales her repeatedly with a terrifying nine-inch penis that’s thicker than some cantaloupes I’ve seen. Oh, wait a minute, is that a close-up shot of the beast grinding its way deep between the girl’s burning red meat lips? It’s ain’t “The Jefferson Family Reunion,” I can tell you that.
Models: Various
Categories: Lactation, Pregnant

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AVI - 1.35 GB - 01:53:39 - 720x480

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Topic : Cute Japanese
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